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July 12, 2011


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boys tops

When buying pants you measure your waist by wrapping a tape measure around your trunk wherever you want your pants to fall. Pant bottoms should hit your shoes and break once.

Clothes Manufacturers

Loved this one lesley this is an awesome blog post


Loved this one Lesley, I never got boxers either. Mind you when you are only a 5' 8" tall male, you have to be careful of any kind of shorts or you end up looking even shorter. Ian

Greg checked out the blogs again. He wonders if Lesley has Googled budgie smugglers (budgy) or checked it out in a facebook search. Greg Patricia Peters

reg remembers when boxers, in a myriad of designs, were all the rage with the Grade 4 boys in his International School class in Vietnam. diven by Americans. Shorts were reasonably tight legged, but some kids with wider legged shorts who were new to underpants needed tips in appropriate dress code.

I suppose I should really discuss the fashion of showing your underwear, the waist band at least. That could be boxers or the back bit (whale tail) of thongs. Its just wrong.

Yes! in the teachers' lounge, in the classroom or anywhere in school, when the teacher squats or bends over. More than wrong!

All the comments were copied from a thread on Facebook. I wish they would comment directly onto my blog. I must make it easier for them.

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