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August 24, 2011


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rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron


wow, sounds like quite the task.


People actually go to IKEA for a day out and sit on the sofas for a little sleep. I've even seen a tutorial session going on in the office space area!


Just found this blog and love the comments above. So funny, just here four weeks and identifying so much with the above especially the door holding open (what's with that)and IKEA...don't get me started!


Holding doors open is out of the remit and obviously not any part of good manners etiquette. Pressing the 'door close' button continuously until it actually closes is taught in kindergartens as is the limp wrist method for hailing a taxi.


The rule about buying IKEA furniture is to always pay for them to assemble it. I don't think this is an option in some other countries but should be embraced.

Immigration Tower can become a regular part on your itinerary until you become and permanent resident. I strongly recommend to obey all rules and do exactly as they say. Stand in the right line for the right window, sit in the correct waiting area and don't attempt any conversation with anyone in authority.

Adopt a demeanor of intense gratitude.

Elizabeth O'Sullivan

How about not expecting anyone to hold a door or lift open for you ever, even if you're carrying shopping bags and a small sleeping child. It just doesn't happen. And red bean is not a proper ice cream flavour. Neither is green tea.

Richard Peters

Such advice must not be ignored. There are other things to remember -advice about the correct procedures when visiting the lovely Gormenghast-Tolkeinesque Immigration Tower, for example, and many other 'how-to's (like getting IKEA furniture delivered when you're in). May I suggest 'Wise Aunty Lesley's Handy Hints'?

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